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John C. Shepler CCIM

Shepler Commercial LLC

301 N. Guadalupe St., Suite 205,

Santa Fe, NM 87501

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If you have a commercial real estate need, then you need to talk to a commercial real estate broker - someone who does 100% commercial real estate 100% of the time.

32 years of experience and a couple of million square feet of space brokered and leased throughout Northern New Mexico is hard to beat!

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Whatever you needs might be, we've probably already sold it, leased it, found it.  if it's out there - we know about it!

Santa fe Market

Santa Fe has a very unique commercial real estate market.  Being a great U.S. destination, it has some factors that are completely related to the downtown tourism market.  Being a State Capitol, it has some factors geared towards those services.  Other factors relate to the local permanent resident population.  Sometimes all of this overlaps and it helps to have someone guide you through it.